Released Gitmo Prisoner #372 Back in al Qaeda

by Ryan on January 24, 2009

in War on Terror


Word has come out just days after President Obama’s Executive Order closing Gitmo’s prison facility “within a year” that a former Gitmo detainee who was let go in November 2007, a man by the name of Said Ali al Shihri is back in al Qaeda and operating out of Yemen. 

What did anyone really think was going to happen?  Consider this:  he was released by the Bush Administration — just imagine the kind of people who are still left at Gitmo after all these years!  Al Shihri is not the only one in this circumstance – an estimated 10% of the Gitmo detainees have rejoined the battlefield fight against America and freedom around the world. 

I’m still waiting for Obama to let us know what we’re going to do with the Gitmo prisoners.   Anecdotally, that was the question/notion everyone was asking around work this week and even some at the pub last night!  For the record, a public school staff and a blue-collar Jersey pub is not a hotbed of conservatism either. 

At least Obama gave himself a year to figure it all out.  We all expected Obama to be just this decisive once entering the Oval Office didn’t we.

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