Update: Obama Looking to Squash Contraception from Stimulus

by Sal on January 27, 2009

in Economy,Politics

Barack Obama is apparently looking to squash the contraception provision from the Economic Stimulus Package, in a move designed to try to get Republican support for the bill.  This comes after a bonehead move by Nancy Pelosi where she tried to argue that contraception funding was indeed an economic stimulus. The leftwing nutroots are apparently up in arms.

Obama has contacted members of congress through senior administration officials, asking that the provision be removed.  It is unclear if congress will agree to this request.  Obama may just find that congress doesn’t always do the President’s bidding.  At the same time, Pelosi may want to flex her muscles a bit with the new administration.

Even if this one bad provision is removed, it is still a bad bill.  There are billions of dollars being wasted on other projects that would have no economic impact (these have been chronicled on a new site that is detailing out the provisions of the stimulus bill, ReadTheStimulus.org).  Even if you accept Keynesian economics, which has been demonstrated to be a flawed economic theory, many of the provisions of this bill do not even adhere to Keynesian stimulus principles.  The Republicans should not cave in and should oppose the bill, while offering their own supply-side alternatives at the same time.  If they cave in large numbers and support the bill, they will damage their chances to capitalize on the bill’s eventual failure.

H/T: Michelle Malkin

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rightonoz January 27, 2009 at 6:06 pm


Just a thank you for taking the time to outline the Catholic take on contraception etc. While, obviously I have a differing view, your explanation was eloquent and certainly understandable.

While I have had a wild past and have to say hot sex was certainly ‘hot’and one night stands etc at the time were great (and at the time gratifying), the sex with my wife even after so many years and 6 children is far more than that, and I think you pretty well summed it up.

Thank you again.


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