Ann Coulter in Context

by Mike on January 28, 2009

in Culture,Media Bias,Politics

I stumbled across this quote while reading Ann Coulter’s latest column a few minutes ago.

Throughout Obama’s entire life, doors were opened for him, his college applications smiled upon and favors bestowed simply because he is black — the original victim category in America. Being black is the highest victim caste because of blacks’ authentic victimhood: The nation once tolerated slavery and Jim Crow.

Call it a hunch.  Call it whatever you want, but mark my words.  At least one mainstream journalist will take this quote out of context by omitting the second sentence.  I don’t know who will do it and I don’t know when, but it will happen.  As the Barack the Magic Negro controversy showed us as recently as last month, media dishonesty is at an all-time high right now, especially when it comes to conservative commentators.

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