Yes She Can: Palin Launches SarahPAC

by Mike on January 28, 2009

in Election 2012,Politics

Sarah Palin showed that she wants to be something more than a two-term Governor of Alaska by launching her Political Action Committee, SarahPAC.   Creating this PAC was an essential first step for Palin to distinguish her worldview from John McCain’s, maintain her visibility, and build an organization that will help her compete on the national stage.  At this point in American history, the conservative movement needs someone like Sarah Palin on the national stage.

Sarah Palin is different than most conservatives.  Many conservatives implement some conservative ideas on a piecemeal basis or merely pay them lip service, but never seem to be able to explain why they advocate what they do.  This does not seem to be a problem for Palin.

In her PAC’s mission statement, Palin uses the word “freedom” as part of her agenda.  This is a small detail but it is telling.  It is telling because conservatism is a philosophy that is grounded in the belief that free people are fully capable of living their own lives and making their own decisions.  Government schemes, even well intentioned ones, cause more harm than good by eliminating incentives, punishing success, rewarding failure, and entrapping people in a culture of dependence on an impersonal state structure.  The more freedom people keep, the better off they are.  By using the word “freedom,” Palin demonstrates that she not only supports the right policies, but knows exactly why she does.  When the philosophy is there, the rest falls into place.

We haven’t seen the last of Sarah Palin.  This is the best news conservatives have seen all week.

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