Pittsburgh Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII

by Ryan on February 1, 2009

in Sports

The upstart Cardinals ended up losing to the favored Steelers 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII tonight.  The game was looking like a blowout as the score was 20-7 going into the 4th Quarter.  The Steelers were taking advantage of everything the Cardinals were doing.  The Cards had some lucky breaks, but that last second 100-yards pick-six at the end of the first half seemed to be a harbinger of an ugly second half.  And it was… until the 4th Quarter.

The score told the story: 20-7, then 20-14, then 20-16 (a safety!), then 23-20 Cardinals!  Big Ben and the Steelers needed to march down the field close enough to kick a field goal into the wind just to tie and hope for overtime… but they never had to.  Santonio Holmes toe-tapped a ridiculous catch with 42 seconds left putting the Steelers on top by 4!

It was one of the most exciting 4th Quarters I’ve seen.  Though the Cards lost, they can still lift their heads high for playing 60-minutes against a great team. I liked the fact that it was a great ending to the game and I was thoroughly entertained.  What a way to end the 2008 season!

UPDATE:  of course, the buzz today (Super Bowl “Flu” Monday) is how this Super Bowl ranks amongst the other 42.  Fox Sports has an idea on their Top 10.

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