Pray for Those Offended by Prayer

by Mike on February 2, 2009

in Culture,Religion

Caroline Petrie, a nurse in the UK, was recently suspended from her position because she offered to pray for one of her patients.  Apparently, a fellow nurse who was not there was offended, even though the patient was not, and decided to take the matter to the nurse’s superiors.  Now a nice woman is being punished for a random act of kindness.   Not to pick on the UK, all western societies are going through this to a certain degree, but any society that is offended by prayer is a sick society.

Praying for another human being is one of the kindest things a person can do.  It is a moment when all of a person’s thoughts and energies are directed to the well-being of another person.  As the Anchoress shows, it is an act of selfless love.  It is something I need to do more often.  It is something we should all do more often.

Anyone that finds prayer offensive is disordered, and needs to do some serious soul searching to discover what is truly offensive.

Hat tip:  Creative Minority Report

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Southern Girl February 3, 2009 at 2:47 pm

…can we file complaints for those that refuse to offer prayer?

The ACLU and Atheists R Us and all the other organizations that get so “offended” by people practicing their religion need to go crawl under a rock OR accept that everyone is entitled to their rights…whether the right is to pray or not to pray.

The nurse should NOT have lost her job because of that. This is getting ridiculous.


Sal February 3, 2009 at 4:49 pm

Southern Girl,

Unfortunately we are living in a world that increasingly devalues religion and looks at it as a completely private matter. What most people don’t realize is that atheism itself is a form of religious belief, and the forcing of their views on the rest of us is far more militant than most Christians that I know.


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