Obama in Freefall?

by Sal on February 4, 2009

in Politics

Victor Davis Hanson at the Corner makes the case today that we are teetering on the edge of an Obama meltdown after only two weeks.  With the lack of support for the Stimulus bill and the recent trouble with Obama’s appointments, it may seem that Obama is having trouble but not on the edge of disaster.  Yet Hanson points to other areas of concern for the new administration:

We are quite literally after two weeks teetering on an Obama implosion—and with no Dick Morris to bail him out—brought on by messianic delusions of grandeur, hubris, and a strange naivete that soaring rhetoric and a multiracial profile can add requisite cover to good old-fashioned Chicago politicking.

First, there were the sermons on ethics, belied by the appointments of tax dodgers, crass lobbyists, and wheeler-dealers like Richardson—with the relish of the Blago tapes still to come. (And why does Richardson/Daschle go, but not Geithner?).

Second, was the “stimulus” (the euphemism for “borrow/print money”) that was simply a way to go into debt for a generation to shower Democratic constituencies with cash.

Then third, there were the inflated lectures on historic foreign policy to be made by the clumsy political novice who trashed his own country and his predecessor in the most ungracious manner overseas to a censored Saudi-run press organ (e.g., Bush is dictatorial, the Saudi king is courageous; Obama can mend bridges that America broke to aggrieved Muslims—apparently Tehran hostages, Rushdie, serial attacks in the 1990s, 9/11, Madrid, London never apparently occurred; and neither did feeding Somalis, saving Kuwait, protesting Chechnya, Bosnia/Kosovo, billions to Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinians, help in two Afghan wars, and on and on).

Fourth, there was the campaign rhetoric of Bush shredding the Constitution—FISA, Guantánamo, the Patriot Act, Iraq, renditions, etc.—followed by “all that for now stays the same” inasmuch as we haven’t ben hit in over seven years and can’t risk another attack.

Fifth, Gibbs as press secretary is a Scott McClellan nightmare that won’t go away, given his long McClellan-like relationship with Obama (McClellan should have been fired on day hour one on the job). Blaming Fox News for Obama’s calamities is McClellan to the core and doesn’t work. He already reminds me of Reverend Wright’s undoing at the National Press Club—and he will get worse.

Six, Biden is being Biden. Already, he’s ridiculed the chief justice, trashed the former VP, bragged on himself ad nauseam in Bidenesque weird ways, and it’s only been two weeks.

And the result of all this?

At home, Obama is becoming laughable and laying the groundwork for the greatest conservative populist reaction since the Reagan Revolution.

Obama was never properly vetted by the press.  He was given messianic status and lauded over by the media for the duration of the campaign, but that kind of adulation can only get one so far when being forced to actually lead.  Obama is a community organizer thug from the cesspool of Chicago politics, who has never run anything in his life.  He looks weak when stacked up even against the likes of Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi.  While the opinion polls are still in his favor, that will soon change if the current pace keeps up.  Obama is not the politician that Bill Clinton was, and David Axelrod is no Dick Morris.  While I would be hesitant to say that Obama’s administration is on the edge of meltdown, it does indeed look to be in trouble, and will need a change in course soon if it is to get back on track.

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Ryan February 4, 2009 at 4:34 pm

I too am hestitant in calling the Obama Administration as “teetering on the edge of a meltdown”. Yet, imagine if this were Bush — his appointments are tax cheats during a serious economic crisis, he’s undoing effective and proven tactics in the War on Terror (which apparently isn’t politcally correct anymore — it’s over, didn’t you know? O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!), his “stimulus” if passed as is would burden Americans until nearly 2100, his “buy American” initiative is alienating our historic allies like France and Britain during an international economic crisis, and on and on. The press would be calling for his head, screw the “First 100 days” tradition of backing-off, there would be blood in the water!

I am prepared to say that it seems that we are about to see Jimmy Carter’s Second term unfold before us. Carter had his “malaise;” if this keeps up what the heck will we have from Obama by 2012?


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