On Leaders and Taxes

by Sal on February 4, 2009

in Politics

What is it with Democrats and Taxes?  Why is it that out of the advisers and cabinet picks that Obama has made over the last two months, one is under federal investigation and three have had tax problems?  Liberals are so quick to say that paying taxes is patriotic, or that people don’t pay enough taxes, yet when it comes to our elected Democrat leaders, they seem to feel that they are above the law.

Yesterday, two Obama appointees, Tom Daschle (nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services) and Nancy Killefer (appointed as the “watchdog” of the stimulus and bailout money) resigned or withdrew from consideration due to tax problems.  Yet the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, who has a similar problem, remains.  The man in charge of the IRS, who is an activist when it comes to monetary and fiscal policy, is a tax cheatLooks like Obama’s Chicago political instincts have stayed with him, as he keeps hiring criminals to fill important government jobs.   Obama has admitted that he likes to redistribute the wealth, but only when the wealth doesn’t belong to his friends and cronies.  Not paying taxes if you are a Democrat Liberal Leader does not, apparently, disqualify one from being a Democrat Liberal Leader.  In Daschle’s case, he was planning on sticking it out, but only realized it was over when the Official Democrat Party Newsletter, the New York Times, turned against him.  It looks like HopeChange is alive and well in the Obama administration.

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