Could Blue-Dogs Hold the Key to Stopping Stimulus?

by Sal on February 7, 2009

in Economy,Politics

The Blue-Dog Democrats in the House have been somewhat disenchanted with the Democrat leadership, and have been wanting to flex their muscles.  They realize that they are in districts that could go Republican in 2010, and may be the key to defeating the stimulus package.  Today, a letter signed by 49 Blue Dog Democrats was sent to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, requesting that more spending be cut from the bill.  The letter stated that many of the members of the Blue-Dog Coalition voted for the original bill because they were assured of cuts in the Senate and in the Conference Report.

Doing the math, there are currently 433 members of the House of Representatives (the House seats 435, but IL-5 and NY-20 are currently vacant).  The Republicans hold 178 seats, with 217 needed to pass legislation.  If 39 of the 49 Blue-Dogs who signed the letter to Pelosi voted with the Republicans, the bill would be defeated.  Republicans should court those members and run ad campaigns in their districts, as the stimulus is currently wildly unpopular.  The Blue-Dogs would get to flex their muscles and show their power, while at the same time creating a potential for a new coalition against the radical liberalism espoused by this administration and the Congressional Leadership.  It is a long shot, but it remains a possibility.  Republicans and Blue-Dogs have worked together before, in the 1980s to advance much of Ronald Reagan’s agenda, and in the early 90s to derail much of Clinton’s early radical agenda.  This stimulus package presents an opportunity to rebuild this old coalition.

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Joe Harmuth February 7, 2009 at 4:21 pm


For the sake of our children and grandchildren, think about the decreased standard of living they will have to endure just to pay for this massive amount of pork. My kids and their kids will struggle just to live modestly in the future of this once great free republic.

President Obama must stop this fear mongering regarding the economy. We have had worse recessions (1975, 1982) and have always come out of them. Recessions on average last about 12 months. Even if we do nothing, we will come out of this. Spending $1 trillion will only prolong and worsen the recession.

Even if President Obama managesto create or save the amount of jobs he has promised the American people, it would cost between $300,000 and $600,000 per job! This is not the change America has voted for. The support for this bill is waning every day. Please listen to us, the American people. We can tell what is right and wrong for our country and families.

Please think about passing the alternative bill proposeded by Sen. John McCain. His plan would give immediate relief and long lasting relief to those who suffer the greatest.


Mike February 7, 2009 at 8:07 pm

43 percent opposed with only a 6 point spread is not “wildly unpopular.” There are still too many undecideds for that label. However, it looks like we’re getting there. People are clearly less likely to support Obama’s bill as they learn what’s in it.

With “Republican” Senators bragging about cutting the bill’s cost to $800 BILLION, there is no doubt that the bill will be wildly unpopular in those blue dog districts. If those Dems care about re-election, then we may just find enough bipartisan opposition to kill the bill. I hope so anyway.


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