Where’s the Stimulus Conference Report?

by Sal on February 12, 2009

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One of the Obama administration’s promises during the campaign was increased transparency into the legislative and executive processes.  I would imagine that increased transparency would extend especially to those who are supposed to vote on a measure.  Apparently, the vote on the Stimulus was supposed to occur today but was postponed until tomorrow in the House, because members still have yet to see the Conference report.  The original Senate and House bills were just under 800 pages.  The new conference report is reported to be over 1,400 pages, yet no one has seen the final draft.  Michelle Malkin has posted a draft online, but it is apparently not the final one.  An overview has been distributed, but not the final text.  Apparently, the Democrats are even arguing that the Republicans don’t even need to see the bill.  From the Heritage Foundation:

But, in possibly the most bizarre parliamentarian argument ever made, according to National Journal’s Congress Daily; “Democratic lawmakers fired back that Republicans didn’t need to see the bill anyway, since none of them voted for the stimulus when it moved through the House the first time and would probably stand in opposition.”

It appears that Speaker Pelosi has changed the House rules to demand that Members swear to vote ‘yes’ before they can read bills that they are being asked to consider voting ‘yes’ on? This will certainly save the Republican caucus a tremendous amount of time. We look forward to the speedy passage of all remaining Trillion Dollar liberal spending priorities, without review, transparency or debate, so that we may take a long recess as well.

This bill is the single largest push of liberalism ever in a single bill, and represents the largest expansion of government and implementation of liberal policies since the Great Society.  This is why the Democrats don’t want anyone to read the bill, and why they are rushing it through.  The more people read the bill or hear about its components, the more they don’t like it.  What other hidden provisions have been stuck into this still unseen final conference report?

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Tom Chambers February 12, 2009 at 2:57 pm

It wouldn’t be that the reason the White House says it is still working out the details on how to post legislation online for five days (don’t you just upload and/or post?) because the president wants to put off fulfilling his transparency promise until after the stimulus gets signed?

The more people look at the details, the more heat the left gets for passing it.


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