Newt’s Response to Congress’ Debacle

by Ryan on February 14, 2009

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The Stimulus Package is going to be law by Tuesday.  We all knew from November 4th that we weren’t going to win many battles.  This is no exception, in fact it’s the perfect example:  We tried. We lost.  That’s that.  No use whining anymore;  it’s happened.  The time has come for action in the arena of ideas.

As it turns out, Newt Gingrich didn’t like the stimulus either and has a few ideas about what he’d do.  Twelve in fact, which you can read here at American Solutions

If there is a lesson which can be drawn from the 1936 election it was that when the Republicans were screaming “socialism” back then and making fun of Roosevelt and his inept crew the real message was lost in the Republican’s tone, leading to the impression that there was no alternative the Republicans were offering on which the people were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  After four years of lingering darkness, the man who kept us there won 46 of 48 states.  It can absolutely happen again if the Republicans blow this moment by merely complaining without action.  Good thing we’ve got some Republicans are willing to fight back as well as offer a contrast. 

Hmm… not being the party of “no”, but the party of ideas. It worked in 1980, as well as 1994 and it can work again by 2010.  It’s just about minimizing the damage until then and keeping faith that the American people are not too dumb to understand simple conservative ideals.

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