A Little Hope for a Change

by Ryan on February 15, 2009

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Though only about a month into the Obama Nation, an early political pattern may be developing:  Obama remains popular, but the Congressional Dems are slipping.  On the eve of Election Day, the generic Congressional ballot gave the Dems a six-point lead in Rasmussen’s poll.  Today they only have a one-point lead, a statistical tie and a consistent downward slide since November 4.  Some political damage has been done recently to the Dems and even RINO turncoat, Arlen Specter, is in the fire zone.

I wonder how things will be for the Dems 23 months from now in 2011 or even 47 months from now in 2013?  Being fully in charge, blaming the Republicans or Bush will no longer be an option — it’ll be their fault, and only their fault.  Just ask any Republican what it’s like to be in charge and then feel the wrath of the voter, or ask them how long the “Clinton Recession” rhetoric worked for them.  The Stimulus could easily morph into a political version of the Iraq War for the Dems — drip-drip of bad news and stories for years will do damage (but only if someone bothers to tell the story).

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C. Garrett February 26, 2009 at 1:41 am

Anybody can watch the news and see what is going on in the democratic party. As the presidental election neared and the Bush admin. wound down we saw great serparation in the people and the GOP, hence a rise in popularity of the democratic party. Since then the democrats have dropped the ball. It’s all thanks to the bailout deal. Although, the first part of the bailout was sent through the senate and house with major support from former President Bush it gained popularity amoung democrats.

At that time it was to early for the people to make a decision on weather or not the bailout was a good idea. Then Obama took office and has approved phase two. If this phase fails due to bailed out companies keeping habits of lavish gifts and unethical behavior republicans have a great chance of sweeping Washington and taking power back in 2010. Then it is White House bound.

I don’t know who the candidate may be, but Gallup has held polls concerning the 2012 elections. They have Palin in the lead, followed by Romney and Huckabee. I found a webpage where you can read about the candidate and vote on the politician you like the best. You have to find out any kind of dirt on each one of the candidates because they only show highlights of each candidates career, but you can at least get an idea of who might pull it out.



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