NRO’s Top 25 Conservative Movies

by Sal on February 15, 2009

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National Review Online has created a list of the Top 25 Best Conservative Movies, along with a second list of 25 as honorable mentions.  The movies in both lists are as diverse as can be, ranging from patriotic war flicks such as We Are Soldiers, Heartbreak Ridge, and The Patriot, to the completely politically incorrect in Team America: World Police, Thank you for Smoking, and An American Carol, to modern day hits such as Rocky Balboa and The Dark Night, to unexpected classics such as Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. The list is fun to review, and it added a bunch of movies to my list of films to see.

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Chris February 16, 2009 at 6:08 pm

Saw the majority of the films on this list and I agree with what is on there…I may have placed Dark Knight and 300 higher up on the list. I do believe however, that one movie and one trilogy have been missed and should be on the list:

1) Passion of the Christ: While not necessarily “Conservative,” conservatives tend to focus on religion much more than liberals and for the reason that it was a re-telling of The Bibile (in Aramaic, mind you) I’d have put it on the list.

2) The Godfather Trilogy: There are many Italian-Americans out there that believe the Godfather glorifies the mob and the life of crime. I, on the other hand, disagree. In the first film, it shows the ramifications of making the choice to lead a life of crime and how they are not always positive (e.g. Don Vito was a marked man, Don Vito’s oldest son murdered, Don Vito’s youngest son had the promise to break free, as was his wish, but was seduced by a life of crime…this alone was the Don’s greatest defeat in life). The trilogy continues on to tell the story of Michael: he had a promising future (a war hero, a good student at Furman), but gave it all up by getting mixed up in the family business…he led a life of crime and it cost him his family and his happiness. No matter how he tried to clean up his life and make up for it in old age, the ramifications of that choice crept back into his life (the death of his protector, Don Tomasino, the early death of his daughter, and his death…alone, with nobody to surround him but the birds and the dogs).


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