Give It Up Tzipi: Lieberman Backs Netanyahu

by Mike on February 19, 2009

in Israel,Politics

Benjamin Netanyahu now has the inside track to becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister. That’s because Avigor Lieberman, the leader of Israel’s third largest party, has thrown his Yisrael Beitenu’s support behind a Netanyahu-led coalition. But there’s a catch.

Although he prefers Netanyahu as Prime Minister, Lieberman is insisting that Netanyahu include Tzipi Livni’s Kadima Party in a governing coalition. The problem with Lieberman’s request is that Livni, whose Kadima Party won more seats than Netanyahu’s Likud, previously refused to join a coalition led by the man she views as the election’s loser. That may have been a reasonable position at the time, but it is probably time to re-evaluate now that Netanyahu is close to forming a majority.

Foreign Minister is not a bad gig and Kadima could collapse if forced into opposition. It’s probably time for Tzipi to give it up.

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