GOP Governors May Say “Thanks But No Thanks”

by Mike on February 19, 2009

in Economy,Politics

Now that Obama’s big government monstrosity is the law of land, debate has now shifted to the state level where many Republican Governors are considering rejecting the taxpayer dollars redistributed to them by the federal government. Democrats are up in arms of course, accusing many of these Governors of harming their citizens to score political points. As is the case with most everything flying out of liberals’ mouths, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most of the Governors thinking about rejecting stimulus funds argue that federal funding often comes with so many strings attached that accepting stimulus funds might not be worth it. Even more convincing is the reasoning of conservative Governors such as Sarah Palin and Butch Otter who point out that accepting money often leads to the creation of new programs that have to be sustained by states well after federal funding for those programs dries up.

Liberals trying to score short term points against conservative governors either fail to understand or choose to ignore the reality that government programs usually cause more harm than good. Sometimes that harm comes in the form of costly federal mandates attached to temporary funding. The long-term costs of programs that never go away are always a problem. Most devastating is the risk that people and/or business could become dependent on the government for a portion of their livelihood. When that happens, people and businesses are less free and less productive. Then we all pay.

That’s not to say a state should never accept federal funding, even funding from Obama’s stimulus bill. After all, people in those states paid or will pay for what is coming back into their states. That’s probably what Mark Sanford thought when he agreed to take the money.

That said, Governors who recognize the long-term costs of a short-term spending spree are showing far more wisdom about government than those who criticize them for being reluctant to spend other people’s money. If that wisdom enables them to score political points, then well, I’m more optimistic about our country’s future than I was a month ago.

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