A Thought on “Greed”

by Ryan on February 22, 2009

in Culture,Economy,Politics

The Dems have been trying to have it both ways by using the “greedy” label on Republicans and business in general for over a hundred years now.  Recently they’ve  flipped the greed issue on the Republican Governor’s lack of greed as a way to publically rebuke them about possibly sending back some of that Stimulus cash! 

There’s a difference between self-interest and greed in my book.  Self-interest is  using the means at your disposal to try to enhance one’s own economic security in this insecure world.  Greed is taking from someone else to do that same thing without their expressed permission.  We often confuse the two, especially in hard times.  We haven’t had a zero-sum economy since the days of the Plague  (if I earn a dollar, someone else didn’t necessarily lose a dollar), but some of us still think that way.

Psychologist Carl Jung once promoted the theory of shadow – not the opposite of something, but an unconscious negative imprint an emotion makes.  I believe the opposite of greed is charity, but I believe the shadow of greed is envy.  Why do we want to nail CEOs to the wall and soak the rich every time there’s an economic downturn?  Because we are envious of their wealth and want to wallow in the mire with those who can still smile while we mope in our pity party.  Misery loves company, and freedom means making choices that don’t always turn out right.  The Dems have made an industry out of class envy, which is the essence of class warfare.  If I’m not mistaken, along with greed, envy is also one of those Seven Deadly Sins one should avoid in the ebbs and flows of life.  Maybe the Dems should try thinking about ways to make more rich people, not more poor dependent ones who feel the need to vote for them to stay secure — that’s very greedy.

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