Strengthen Culture Through Hollywood? It’s Worth A Shot

by Mike on February 23, 2009

in Culture,Politics,Religion

The reason we care about politics is because we want our country and our world to be as strong, secure, free, prosperous, fair, decent, and good as it can possibly be. Obviously, one component of furthering that ideal is electing people who share our worldview to positions of authority. It isn’t the only way however. Culture is just as important as politics, if not more so. That’s why I was delighted to see Andrew Breitbart’s piece in today’s Washington Times on the need for conservatives to gain a foothold in Hollywood.

Gaining relevance and influence in that cultural cesspool is not something that can happen overnight, but a gradual increase in conservatism’s presence over the long term would go a long way. Hollywood sends messages to people that get their information from few if any other sources. Controlling even a tiny portion of that message, as opposed to the zero conservatives now control, would expose people to a conservative message, possibly for the first time in their lives. Since conservatism is a philosophy in tune with human nature, it would not be difficult to gain followers once conservatives are able to send their message. At that point, when more Americans value the notions of faith, life, patriotism, family, self-reliance, hard work, and respect for others, American culture would undoubtedly strengthen.

As George Weigel details in Witness to Hope, the authorized biography of Pope John Paul II, the former Pope always believed that culture was the essential ingredient for a society to thrive and with good reason. One of the reasons Poland and other east European nations were able to gradually overthrow their Communists oppressors because their cultures were solid. Changing a society can be accomplished from through political action. That’s why we care. But the change is a lot easier to accomplish when it flows from a people well-grounded in a healthy culture.

Actually building that culture, whether in Hollywood, academia or elsewhere, can be quite difficult though. Those of us who teach in a public school, or sit in that Intro to PoliSci course while the professor relives the 60s, or are even trying to make it in Hollywood need to speak up.  There are more people like you and I out there than you know.  Time to step it up!

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Sal February 24, 2009 at 7:16 am

Pockets of Conservatism exist in Hollywood, although they are few and far between. Breitbart’s site Big Hollywood, along with shows like 24 present a Conservative approach to issues, yet in in entertaining way. Hopefully Breitbart’s efforts will be met with success.


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