Legalize Pot and Tax It? You Must Be High!

by Ryan on February 24, 2009

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In principle, this illustrates a fundamental problem I have with Libs:  don’t cut programs you knew you couldn’t have sustained in the first place, but find new things to tax:  like pot!  Yet another excuse for legislative stoners in San Francisco to get their issue in the news, while finding new ways to punish the act they are condoning — legalize it to tax it!  Plus, why would we want to follow the lead of a state in such absolutely horrible economic shape?  Right.  California’s nearly bankrupt – no wonder they want an easier way to get high!

However, you realize why pot may never be a nationally legalized substance, right?  All of its supporters are potentially too lazy, spaced, and concentrate a little too hard on small shiny objects to get their act together.  Once they have an idea they can all agree upon, it’s time to feed the munchies (which can be overwhelming at times) at a neaby fast-food joint at which they will think of something else to do.

On top of all the social and philosophical reasons why I’m not in favor of legalizing pot, I’ll parrot what my sister once said: “If you legalize drugs make sure those who use them have separate health insurance and car insurance!”  Truth. Illegal drugs (even the comparably wimpy ones like pot) are unfortunately for those who are experiencing a weakness; weakness in spirit, weakness in inhibitions, weakness in peer-situations.  We should not coddle the weak as such, while at the same time taking moolah from their back pockets to fund bad policies.

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