Biden’s Rhetoric vs. Jindal’s Results

by Mike on February 26, 2009

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Bobby Jindal’s response to Obama’s pseudo State of the Union address may have been more effective than the pundits give him credit for.  Why else would the White House send out Vice President Joe Biden to try to undermine Jindal’s credibility?  According to the Vice President, people shouldn’t take Jindal’s arguments about the proper size and scope of government seriously because Louisiana is currently losing jobs at the rat of 400 per day under Jindal’s leadership.  The trouble for Biden is that nothing could be further from the truth.  Last month, at what is supposed to be the height of our national nightmare, Louisiana was the only state in the country with a net job gain.

The point of this story is not the undeniable truth that Biden committed his 11,257th gaffe in the last six months or the undeniable truth that we can’t believe what the White House is saying.   Nothing could be more “dog bites man.”  The point of this story is that people can thrive when their leaders are committed to limited government, controlling spending, keeping taxes low, and trusting its own people.  That’s what Jindal has done in Louisiana with positive results at a time when the rest of the country is struggling.  The White House can’t let that story get out, not if it continues and especially not if it’s the one they have to run against four years from now.

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