Republicans Change Tactics As Democrats Spend, Spend, Spend

by Sal on February 26, 2009

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The Republican Party was moderately successful in pushing opposition to the stimulus package.  Although a losing battle, the Republicans were able to make some headway in the war against the new liberal onslaught by laying down the gambit, providing near-unanimous opposition to a $775 billion plus Porkulus package, and do some damage to Obama’s election-day popularity (which, according to reliable polls, is starting to take a hit).  Still, in the end, the Porkulus bill passed, and the Democrats won the biggest expansion of government in 40 years.

Yesterday, the Democrats in the House passed a $410 billion omnibus budget for fiscal year 2009.  The bill was passed with barely a whisper from the Republicans, and again with little debate.  The bill passed 245-178, including 16 Republicans who voted for the budget and 20 Blue-Dog Democrats who voted against it.  This in a bill with over 8,000 earmarks (after The One told us that there will be no more earmarks — oh wait, that’s in next year’s budget.  Right.) and an increase in federal domestic spending of 8% over last year (amounting to $32 billion). It is apparent with both this and the stimulus that the GOP needs to reassess its tactics and think about what will best change the course to get public opinion on the side of the GOP to try to stop some of this Obama Magic.  To that end, Byron York has a piece in today’s DC Examiner about the GOP’s idea for a new approach (H/T Gateway Pundit) that has been formulated since Obama’s address on Tuesday night.

The GOP has realized that in the Stimulus debate, they scored plenty of political points and chipped away at support for the stimulus on the negative, but failed to get their alternative plan out there (does anyone remember what the GOP stimulus plan was?   There was one.)  The GOP’s new strategy is to focus on winning the issue by both attacking the issue and presenting a clear, reasonable and popular alternative based on Conservative principles.  Byron York’s source uses the energy debate from last summer/fall as an example.  The GOP was able to successfully force the Democrats to retreat from their stated position because of the constant pounding of a real common-sense solution to the high gasoline prices, to the point that the Democrats were rendered helpless in that debate.

As the GOP looks to make gains in the court of public opinion over the next few years, both positive and negative means will be needed.  First, the plans offered by the Democrats and Obama must be shown to be harmful and ineffective.  Second, the GOP needs to present a credible alternative that is both Conservative and can gain popular support.  This will have the double-edged effect of taking down the opposition, potentially winning on a few policy battles, and setting the stage for a credible plan for governence a-la the 1994 Contract with America to be put forth to the American people in 2010.

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paul February 28, 2009 at 9:06 am

Nice, really nice… a day late and a few dollars short. Look , you GOP boys and girls need to clean up your own before you take on the Dems and ” The One” Your performance so far is certainly not up to the task at hand. These guys are playing hardball, you guys are not even in the game. Mr. Steele look nice but where is the power? Where is the will to win, the energy and intel to convince America to take a second look. They , the Dems , have tremendous weak points and you dudes are letting them off the hook, it’s like you are trying to lose. OOPs ! Maybe there is some sense to that ? Get your own house in order, do it now. Take people like Snowe and Collins and Him out to the wood shed. If they want to act like weeneys then let them switch parties. Allowing these lowlings to sit in an office with ” The One” alone was a really stupid thing to have happen. Let’s face it, if I wanted to sell vacuum cleaners door to door I would want Obama as my lead salesman. He is on when it comes to closing the deal. And you, so far, have no match. So don’t go mano y mano with him … stupid. Your messages are too mixed for America to embrace, and you are using the wrong salesman to sell the deals. As much as you like to “spin” there isn’t enough spin in the world to make Jindal look like anything but a Junior or Cub salesman, and not a very good one at that. And you knuckle heads put him front and center. Another lost opportuunity. Your people are making me sic. While our country leans more and more toward socialism you are sitting on your hands. Your leadership sucks. Get ahold of yourselves. I know you are out-numbered, your bad. You caused it. If you want America to support conservatism, you better bring your game up a few notches. If it were a Company and I was the CEO, I would fire half of you and the rest would be put “on notice” You need to get in front of America and you need to do it now. In this game you are way behind and looking like you have quit. Get on the radio, get on the boob tube, get on the blogs, websites conservatives, support ALL conservative ideals. Act as if you are campaigning except tell the truth, I know that will be hard but try. And for crying out lous get rid of all those turncoates………. either they are conservatives who believe in less gov’t and less spending, and lower taxes ( or no taxes), support the 2nd amendment, no earmarks, etc etc or they are socialists leaning quasi democrats. We as a country are facing not just a financial crisis, but a constitutional crisis as well, It starts with Obama, but it has trickled down to every single one of you, and if you think that Americans don’t think something is stinky about your collective lack of support for the Constitution, then you are in serious denial. Who has asked for Obama to provide proof of his birth place ? Who objected ?
Who has demanded that the federal reserve be dismantled ? Who? who has asked to see the actual law that makes most Americans liable for an income tax.. who? who had stood up in protest against pork spending .. who? who amoung you has put America ahead of your own political aspirations… who ? who amoung you are a participant in the Social Security Program that we common citizen are sentenced to… who ? how many of you have no health insurance.. who ? who amoung you feel like you are NOT one of the priviledged and elite.. who?

Frankly speaking, until you are honest with America, and can seperate yourselves from the ” business as usual” crowd in Washingotn DC, you will mired in the muck of your own creation, and the American citizen will look for alternatives to you and what you have done and continue to do.. Obama was right about one thing, it’s all about Change. But not one of you have figured out how to use this to the advantage of the conservative cause and so you continue as before, disgraceful is a mild description.

You people better have a meeting, make it a sales meeting. First read the constitution, then read it again. Review your agenda for America………. every tiny detail.

Plan a strategic operation to win back Americas confidence in your ability to represent. Attack the weakness of the Dems plan for this country. Avoid Obama .. make him irrelevant, ignore him completely. Build your future base with super stars, if you don’t have one go find one or two, no second stringers allowed. Come on wake the hell up


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