Steven Crowder Double Feature: PETA and Global Warming

by Mike on February 26, 2009

in Culture,Economy,Politics

I’ve been looking forward to today’s new Steven Crowder video release ever since I discovered the comedic genius a week ago.  Unfortunately, today is a bit of a letdown.  Although it is still funny, I didn’t find today’s anti-PETA video quite as entertaining as his others. Maybe it’s because PETA’s too easy a target.  maybe it’s because my expectations were too high.  Whatever the reason, today’s video just wasn’t the same as his others.  That’s not a criticism.  Even Ann Coulter has an off day every now and then.

Since I didn’t like today’s video as much as the others, I thought I’d post one of his better ones.  Here’ Crowder on global warming.

That’s more like it.

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