Obama’s Iraq Pull Out Plan

by Ryan on February 27, 2009

in The Iraq Front

August 31, 2010 is the date Obama has set for the end of the American combat role in Iraq, with an extra 35-50,000 troops hanging around until December 31, 2011, which aligns with according to the SOF Agreement with the Iraqi Government.  That residual force is apt to irk Libs nationwide!  Good – they’re fun when they’re irked.

I’ve always felt that the United States has done everything we can do for the Iraqi people (taking out Saddam, guaranteeing secure and free elections, and stabilizing tough areas so economic recovery can take place), and it has long been time for the Iraqis to step up.   They have and they are stepping up and our exit has been imminent for over a year now. 

I’ll never forget that this is a fact in spite of Obama, not because of his positions: 

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