Ivan Cameron (2002-2009)

by Mike on February 28, 2009

in Culture,UK Politics

Ivan Cameron, son of British Conservative Party leader David Cameron, passed away on Wednesday at the age of six.  His parents were at his bedside as he lost his battle with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  After learning the tragic news, Gordon Brown delivered condolences to his political opponent on the floor of the House of Commons on behalf of his country.  Like almost everyone in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, our prayers are with the Cameron family.

I say almost.  I’ve been thinking about discussing the following topic, but never thought I would do so in a post like this.  Unfortunately, this story is a perfect example of what I’ve been thinking.  The internet is a wonderful invention.  It provides instant access to an almost limitless supply of information.  It allows people all over the world to communicate with each other like never before.  Parts of it are even entertaining.

That said, parts of the internet are a cesspool.  Nowhere is that more obvious than in Youtube comment sections.  If you click on the above-linked clip of Gordon Brown’s remarks on Ivan’s death and scroll down through the comments, you will see statements that are nothing short of cruel.  On the one hand, you have Labour Party opponents questioning Brown’s sincerity, despite the fact that the Prime Minster is a father to three young children himself, one of whom died when she was just 10 days old and another who suffers from cystic fibrosis.  On the other hand, you have left-leaning commenters who make light of Ivan’s death.

I think the internet is a great invention, but it does remind us that there are some twisted people out there.  We see it all over the internet.  It’s just a shame that those people have to rear the ugly heads in a story like this.

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Sal March 1, 2009 at 6:43 pm

The Internet is simply a visible illustration of society as a whole. The Internet itself does not make people act horribly, just as the availability of DVDs don’t make perverts go out and watch child porn, but it gives them a vehicle to do so. Any technology or any invention is subject to abuse from its original intent, from books, to alcoholic beverages, to guns, to the Internet. Everything that has been invented has the capacity to be good and used for good, or be used for evil. The human condition does not change because of an invention such as the Internet. What the Internet does do is give a voice and a forum for these people to spew their hateful comments, on both sides of the aisle (I’ve seen it even on the right, although it seems much more prevalent in the American left; I haven’t seen how the International right/left reacts).

That being said, my heart and prayers go out to David Cameron and his family, as I’m sure the prayers of Gordan Brown are just as strongly there. The tragic death of a child shouldn’t be used in any circumstances to score political points or to attack one’s opponent.


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