Mitt Romney Wins CPAC 2009 Straw Poll

by Mike on February 28, 2009

in Election 2012,Politics

Mitt Romney won the 2012 campaign’s first test by winning today’s straw poll at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference.  It was Romney’s third consecutive CPAC straw poll victory.  Bobby Jindal placed second while Sarah Palin and Ron Paul tied for third.

It may seem a bit premature to discuss the 2012 election with the Iowa caucuses still three years away, but that isn’t the case.  The way our system works, the next Presidential campaign always begins when the current President’s hand comes off the Bible, or in Obama’s case, thin air.  This cycle is no different.  The 2012 campaign is already underway and today was a win for Romney.  That’s not to say that Romney will be the nominee or that he is even the frontrunner.  However, the straw poll shows that the conservative base of the Republican Party knows who Romney is and has a certain degree of respect for him.  Three years out, that’s not a bad position to be in.

Results Link via Hot Air

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