Beck on Obama Media Bias

by Ryan on March 2, 2009

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Like Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck has at least one named segment on his daily show.  Beck’s opening segment is called “The One Thing”; it’s kind of like O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo.”   Beck is kind of alarmist and quirky (those quirks are on full display in this video clip), but the point is a good one. 

We all know the MSM is shameless.  They have built Obama up so much and have such a stake in his success that to quote Rush Limbaugh, Obama is now “too big to fail” according to the MSM’s prevailing sentiment – if Obama fails, they invariably do as well (I’d say it’s already too late for that). 

Beck outlines the double standard the MSM has for Obama over Bush in last Friday’s “The One Thing.”  It’s a great point, and unfortunately a sobering one.

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Ken March 2, 2009 at 9:12 pm

I love it! Well done Glenn Beck. The one thing that I would like to add, in regards to the recognition of our success in Iraq, is that Obama himself admits “the troop surge worked.” That sounds like an approval of Bush 43′s plan in Iraq. Though we may like to give Bush all the credit, it really belongs to the military men and women with the support of Bush that really made the operation work. I only hope that current President Obama will honor them similarly.


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