Republicans Supporting Earmarks Are Republicans Why?

by Mike on March 3, 2009

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The Senate rejected an amendment offered by John McCain earlier today that would have enacted a spending freeze for the rest of the fiscal year and eliminated over eight thousand earmarks from the President’s most recent Spend Other People’s Money That We Don’t Have Act.  The outrage is not that the Amendment was defeated, though it was outrageous.  The outrage is that only 32 Senators voted in favor of the proposal and that of the 63 Senators that voted for the thousands of earmarks, nine were Republicans.

Now I understand that not all Republicans are conservatives and that there will always be a group of moderates in our party.  People can believe in limited government to varying degrees.  However, Republicans of any stripe should be able to unite in opposition to spending of this magnitude.  Moderate Republicans should be people who perhaps favor smaller spending reductions than is prudent or smaller tax cuts than is prudent.  At this point, I’d even settle for moderates who merely support modest spending increases.  Defending earmarks on projects that don’t even pass the smell test, like those in this bill, is beyond the beyond.

This President has already spent over $800 billion of other people’s money with the “stimulus” phase of Spend Other People’s Money That He Doesn’t Have Act.  He’s now trying to spend an additional $410 billion of other people money in this legislation.  God knows what the budget will look like.  This state of affairs even has the moderate McCain frustrated.

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There are well-intentioned people out there who will wrongly but honestly argue that this exorbitant spending is necessary.  Fine, but most of them are in the Democrat Party since that is the party that believes that people are incapable of running their own lives and need government to control their destiny.  The Republican Party is the party of those who have faith in the people’s talents and ambition and realize that people van thrive when government gets out of the way.  Republicans may reasonably vary as to the degree of acceptable government involvement, but any Republican who cannot draw the line liberals must not cross at this point probably needs to think about why they are in the GOP.

Though I must offer kudos to Democrats Evan Bayh and Claire McCaskill for realizing that even they aren’t this liberal.

Hat tip:  Michelle Malkin

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