British Political Theater: William Hague Mocks Harriet Harman

by Mike on March 4, 2009

in UK Politics

With the Conservatives consistently leading in the polls, political intrigue is at a fever pitch in the British Labour Party.  As recently as this week, there were reports that the relationship between Gordon Brown and Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman (think Hillary Clinton without the people skills) has deteriorated to the point where Brown is seriously considering firing her.  Luckily for Harman, Gordon Brown was here in the United States today receiving Barack Obama’s cold shoulder.  Maybe Brown’s job will give the pair some time for cool off.

Or not.  With Brown in America, today’s task of answering Prime Minister’s Questions fell to Harman.  Unluckily for her, she had to face William Hague.  Hague, one of the greatest PMQ performers in history, was more than ready to mock Brown’s unpopularity, Harman’s disloyal ambition and readiness, and Labour in general.  The following clip is the most devastating part of the exchange.  Note Harman’s stone-faced reaction to Hague’s zinger.  Even funnier is the part where even the Labour MPs enjoyed Hague’s comments.   This Harman must be a real pleasure to deal with.

Hague is even funnier in context.  Click here for PMQs in their entirety.

Hat tip:  Conservative Home

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Curly March 5, 2009 at 5:09 am

Harman made a very poor Widow Twankie


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