Organized Effort Against Rush No Surprise

by Ryan on March 4, 2009

in Election 2008,Media Bias,Politics

Democrat Party lackeys Rahm Emmanuel, Stanley Greenberg, Paul Begala and James Carville had been purposely targeting Rush Limbaugh as the new focus of evil in the modern world, according to the Politico today.  No surprise here — they got all they could from picking on Sarah Palin, who’s getting back to a normalcy in Alaska.  So, they took a poll looking for evil, and found Rush (typical Democrats having to take a poll to figure how who they hate).  However, I can’t imagine Rush really cares too much — more attention his way, more curiosity, which will lead to more listeners, better opportunity to get Rush’s message out and attracting higher-paying advertisers. Win win.

Yet, for a group of people who just won a huge electoral victory a few months ago, they’re awfully paranoid.  Richard Nixon paranoid.  What’s next: wire-taps, an Enemies List, clandestine tapes?  What bugs me about this is not that Rush is a defenseless victim (he’s not), but that current and former government officials are targeting a private citizen, who happens to be exercising his Constitutional rights.  I don’t like that one bit, but at the same time, I kind of expect it from Obama’s hack-machine.  Look at who they are!  No one should be surprised.

If they’re not careful, though, getting onto Obama’s Enemies List could be a very prestigious badge of honor one day!

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