The Obamaprompter

by Ryan on March 5, 2009

in Politics,Pop Culture

Obama needs his teleprompter.  He just needs it.  That’s been obvious to his critics for a long time.  However, the Politico ran a story today about the President’s ridiculous overuse of the teleprompter, but they didn’t have to.  All of his critics know that Obama’s eloquence dies the minute you turn the Obamaprompter off!  Remember all those “umms” back in the day?  Well they’ve long made it into pop culture — here’s Letterman from last year:

If the Messiah wants to be taken seriously, those “uhs” and “umms” need to go for the sake of his agenda!  I mean if Obama can’t properly finagle his forked-tongue eloquently, people might figure out his game and the whole gig might be up.  Since Obama’s never really done anything other than run for various offices, the kabooki must be maintained to keep his ideological consistency.  Handlers must handle, right?  Enter: the Obamaprompter.  Without it, there is no Obama, just Mr. Umm with a bad outdated and perpetually debunked message.

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