Fighting Back over School Choice

by Sal on March 6, 2009

in Politics

One of the provisions in the Omnibus Spending Bill would remove a scholarship in Washington, D.C., which allow qualified minorities and underprivileged children to attend private schools.   This provision has been under attack by the teacher’s union for a long time, and the Democrats are now trying to take it away, thus hurting the very people they purport to help.  To make it all the more poignant, some children affected by this are underprivileged children who attend the same private school that Obama’s children are now attending.  This has led to a devastating ad campaign, and a vote to strike the provision from the bill scheduled for Monday.  The ads are quite powerful:

If Democrats were truly “for the children” and concerned about the plight of the disadvantaged, would they really be trying to strip these provisions from the bill?  Yet they are beholden to the teacher’s unions and will attempt to keep the provision in, putting these kids out of their schools and back into the mess that is the D.C. public school system.

For the Children.  Right.

H/T: RedState and Instapundit.

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