New Harry Potter HBP Trailer and More

by Ryan on March 8, 2009

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The new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer came out this weekend.  I’ve been looking forward to this film since the book is one of my favorites and so far from what I’ve seen, they won’t take a hatchet to the plot like they did for the Order of the Phoenix film.  This movie was supposed to be out last Fall, but the writer’s strike last year forced Warner Brothers to move HBP to the Summer due to a weak production schedule.  They’d better get these movies out soon or else this, this, this, and this might be a problem!

Here’s the latest trailer, which I think is a little weaker than the previous ones, but it’s gotten me re-excited to see the film anyway:

In other Summer movie news, at Watchmen yesterday I finally got to see the new Terminator: Salvation trailer, as well as the new Star Trek trailer.  Both movies come out in May, and both look really good must-see Summer flicks.

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