Snubbing Brits an Example of Obama’s Twisted Priorities

by Mike on March 8, 2009

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For those of us who root for the Conservative Party when following British politics, watching Gordon Brown’s disastrous trip to the United States was a treat because it was merely the most recent episode of what has become a Labour Party trainwreck.  Although Brown’s trip was entertaining to follow from that perspective, the American in all of us should be disgusted at the way Barack Obama treated the Prime Minister.  Not that we should be surprised.  Obama signaled a disdain for the Brits from the beginning.  What’s most disturbing about Obama’s attitude toward our nation’s greatest friend and ally is that it is merely an example of our new President’s twisted priorities.

Less than two months into his Presidency, Obama has already snubbed the Brits, criticized Israel for not rolling over on the issue of Palestinian settlements in Jerusalem, and  double-crossed Poland and the CzechRepublic on missile defense.  On the other hand, Obama has flirted with the idea of economically rewarding Cuba’s Communist dictatorship, and remained silent on John Kerry’s Lend Credibility to the Terrorist-Sponsoring Regime in Syria Tour.  Coddle your enemies and dump on your friends. Well, he did promise change.

Not that rewarding bad behavior and punishing good behavior on the international stage should come as a surprise. This is the same President who shows more respect for the irresponsible freeloader who took out a mortgage he couldn’t afford than he does to the people who pay the taxes that get redistributed to the DU-reading lefties who use other people’s money to make a minimum payment on the credit card they maxed out to buy the computer they use to troll conservative websites. Maybe we should have known all along that Obama would show more respect to the Hugo Chavezes of the world than he does to the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom.

The White House argues that they are merely in over their heads.  I disagree.  This Obama has some twisted priorities.

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