Obama Lifts Stem Cell Funding Ban

by Ryan on March 9, 2009

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Obama is Brahma:  he is the Creator… of all that is good through the Stimulus.

Obama is Vishnu:  he is the Sustainer… of his version of Liberal America through more government spending and controls.

Obama is Shiva:  he is the Destroyer… not just of stock markets, but also of defenseless life through an executive order today, lifting the federal ban on funding embryonic stem cell research.

The cavalier manner in which Obama insulted the Bush Administration and scientific ethicists by rejecting the “false choice” between science and morality, disgusts me.  This is an ethical issue whether Obama believes so or not.  Promising medical miracles that may never happen is also down right mean, giving people false hopes as long as they reject the ethical implications of destroying harvested embryos for inconclusive science at best.  It could take 20 years to see results.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  In the meantime how many embryos will have been harvested and destroyed in pursuit of a theory?  How much money will have to come out of my paycheck to cover it, too?  Josef Mengele once had theories, that didn’t mean he should have used human life so heinously in order to test those theories.  Life has some value or it does not — it’s one of those sticky black-and-white issues. 

Private medical firms have always had access to embryonic stem cell research.  In other words: EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH HAS NEVER BEEN BANNED IN AMERICA!  The problem was that there’s no short-term gain in the field, so they want the government to pay for it.  How heroic.  Now they’ve got their man, and the American culture’s protection of the dignity of life took a hit today.  “Do no harm” the Hippocratic Oath states, but what if there’s federal funding involved?  It’s not really that complicated; stick with the adult stem cells, that’s where this field is actually yielding results.

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