They Wanted the President to Fail Too!

by Ryan on March 10, 2009

in Election 2006,Media,Media Bias,Politics

No, not Rush Limbaugh and gutsy Conservatives on Obama, but 51% of Democrats and 34% of Independents felt that way about President Bush back in August 2006, all while we were still in the heat of ferocious combat on two fronts.  The poll is a decent one of 900 Registered Voters by Fox News/ Opinion Dynamics. 

You can’t tell me a double standard doesn’t exist in the MSM!  Of course, our readers are savvy enough to figure that out, but this info on Bush was not very hard to find at all — it easily could have been dug up by anyone interested.  Newsbusters was interested and graciously let the web know about the blatant double standard.  Thanks for giving us some ammo to throw back at the Lefties!  Now, there is a poll to refute their indignant moral outrage about Rush’s statements – by using their own sentiments from a few years ago.

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