Obama In Over His Head

by Sal on March 11, 2009

in Politics

The signs are becoming increasingly clear that Obama is in way over his head.  Supporters tout the quick passage of the stimulus and omnibus, but those were practically inevitable given the large majorities enjoyed by the Democrats in Congress.  Yet with the first fifty days of his presidency in the history books, his missteps far outweigh his achievements, and the early signs are that Obama and his team simply are not up to the job.

Obama’s missteps are many.  From the overabundance of withdrawn nominations for cabinet and other administration positions, to his complete and utter lack of decorum with our allies in the United Kingdom, Obama has shown himself to be everything we feared him to be.  His incredible lack of experience has made him an embarrassment, and those on both the right and the left are starting to question his competency.

Indeed, what does it say about his administration when British officials can’t reach anyone in the Obama administration to coordinate planes for the upcoming G20 summit?  It makes one wonder how the Obama Administration will respond to a real crisis, such as a terrorist attack or a natural disaster such as Katrina.  It is obvious that they have no capacity to even look at the economy, with the Treasury Department without any staff and Tim Geithner seriously floundering.

It is painfully becoming more obvious by the day that Obama is not cut out for this job.  In many ways, the early part of his administration is reminiscent to that of the early Carter administration.  The real tragedy is that, while incompetent, he enjoys large majorities in Congress, and can pass his agenda at will.  While not impossible, stopping him may be difficult, and we may go through a lot of pain in this country until we are able to undo the policies of this radical liberal yet incompetent administration.

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Liberty March 12, 2009 at 12:15 am

See you at the Tea Pary. My next one is 4/15/09.


GhostDance March 12, 2009 at 2:56 am

What’s worse is that this totally in-over-his-head guy has pushed through a ton of controversial liberal legislation over GOP objections, authorized the largest spending initiatives in the country’s history, invalidated Bush’s signing statements and revoked a long list of Bush-era Executive Orders, re-funded embryonic stem cell research, ordered the closing of Guantanamo, massively re-tooled America’s foreign policy and generally steam-rolled over anyone who opposes him.

I shudder at what he might accomplish if he weren’t, you know, totally in-over-his-head.


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