Sarkozy To Drag France Back into NATO Command

by Mike on March 11, 2009

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Nicolas Sarkozy plans to move France back into the decision-making core of the NATO alliance after forty three years of his country’s passive membership.  The move is being met with some criticism from Sarkozy’s left-wing critics in France and elsewhere, but  Sarkozy has assured those critics that the move would not undermine French independence.  Americans should  applaud Sarkozy’s intentions, but should also think twice before welcoming France back into the fold without conditions.

France has been a thorn in America’s side for decades.  The reason France doesn’t currently play a more important role in NATO is because Charles de Gaulle withdrew France from NATO’s central command so his nation could be uncooperative during the Cold War.  Subsequent French leaders weren’t much better.  As recently as 2003, Jacques Chirac opposed the U.S. liberation of Iraq from the terrorist-sponsoring Saddam Hussein while taking oil-for-food kickbacks from the tyrant.

That’s not to say Sarkozy should be lumped together with the worst of what France has offered. A Sarkozy-led France would be a tremendous asset in the upper echelon of NATO.  The issue is whether a France led by Sarkozy’s successor would build on this President’s outreach or revert white-flag waiving and carping France we all love to dislike.  Perhaps NATO should accept France on something like a trial basis.  Accept the request for now, but reserve the right to revisit the issue in a few years.

We love Sarko, but this is France we’re talking about.  Trust but verify.

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