“Shared Sacrifice” Budget Increases Pain in New Jersey

by Ryan on March 11, 2009

in Economy,Election 2009

In his 2009 budget address, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine told the people of New Jersey – you’ll have to pay up!  Most of the budget proposal is terrible (he keeps education pretty unscathed; every NJ politician is scared to death of the NJEA union), but here are some proposals everyone in Jersey is talking about:

  • Ending the perennial property tax rebate for all those able-bodied under the age of 65
  • Increasing the business payroll tax
  • Increasing excise taxes on liquor, wine, and cigarettes
  • Depositing nearly a billion dollars less into the pension fund

Well, the Democrat-controlled legislature is likely to only nix the first point.  They’ll keep the tax increases on business and the wealthy (of course), but ending the property tax rebate this year could lead to an outright tax revolt in NJ!  Corzine is up for reelection in November and could possible take many of his friends out the door with him, handing the Republicans a huge opportunity in this Fall’s election. 

Yet, an important question will be answered:  How Blue is Jersey?  We’ll see. 

Also of NOTE:  In order to help the budget, it has become common knowledge that the NJ State Police have been going Gestapo ticketing people at a rate of 1 every 10 to 20 minutes in all police patrol zones on every major highway in the state.  Just beware if you’re driving through the Garden State!!!

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Chris March 11, 2009 at 6:11 pm

I have been observing that Chris Christie is attracting quite a following at his events and online (what Republicans SHOULD be doing), but for him to be successful in beating Corzine (Christie wins in head-to-head matchups), not only does he need to win the primary, but the other factions of the very fractured NJGOP need to unite. Corzine is beatable, but I’m not fully convinced.

Oh, and regarding NJ State Police and tickets, I spotted 6 on my usual 20 mile stretch of the Garden State Parkway while driving up to work. To any readers who may use the GSP, be especially careful in “ticket alley,” between exits 129 and 131…I got snagged there two years ago, as have at least 12 people I know. Other areas to note: the median cut between 135 and 136, behind the trees between 131 and 135 and between 114 and 109. I-287 is also notorious for speedtraps between exits 14 and 35….the road is divided by a large section of trees and you can’t see the cut-through areas where they hide until you’re on their radar.


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