Stimulus II Right Around the Corner

by Sal on March 11, 2009

in Economy,Politics

In spite of the stimulus package that would cure all economic woes and “create or save 3.5 million jobs”, the Democrats are starting to feel nervous about the economy.  Their answer?  More government spending!  Democrats are gearing up for a second stimulus package (hereafter referred to as “Porkulus II”) because they are starting to realize that the first package is a bust and won’t do enough to stimulate the economy.

So we have the $750 billion TARP plan, the $787 billion stimulus, the $480 billion Omnibus, the $150 billion mortgage bailout plan, and Obama’s $3.6 Trillion Budget for 2010.  That adds up to over $5 Trillion in spending in two fiscal years.  That does not even include costs for education, Tarp II, Porkulus II, and health care.  Where is this money going to come from?  If there ever was an era in history where the federal government could go insolvent, this is it.  Obama is starting to make Jimmy Carter look good.

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Ryan March 11, 2009 at 4:50 pm

What Obama and the Dems are doing is outright immoral. They are manipulating the crisis to grow their constituencies and win 2010 at the expense of our kids and grandkids, but only if we let them. Obama’s not FDR, he’s Carter and Hoover all wrapped up into one. If we get attacked again, what’s he going to do? Is an unpredictable terrorist attack budgeted anywhere? What if violence in Iraq escalates on our way out and there’s a coup? Is that budgeted anywhere? We have no wiggle room for emergencies beyond the current economic situation. We’re unprepared, limping through the darkness leaving ourselves open to so many things: but health care will solve everything, global warming is a megapriority, and Gitmo is the true face of evil. We’re screwed.


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