The Latest Justice Department Target: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

by Ryan on March 12, 2009

in Anything Else,Politics

In the Obama Nation, Sheriff Joe is the bad guy, while the 16,000 illegals he’s detained are worthy of a Justice Department protection and the investigation of potential violations of their civil rights (Notice:  I italicized “illegals” because these detainees in question are, well, “illegal”). 

The reason for the investigation stems from the fact that those 16,000 are roughly 1/3 of the national total in a concentrated area, oh, somewhere near the border between Arizona and, um, Mexico.  Go figure!  So Sheriff Joe does his job (and does it very well apparently), while other sheriffs don’t, and the law-enforcing one gets in trouble?  We are living in strange times.  By my count there’s at least 11, 952,000 people in this country who should also be in jail for violating the territorial sovereignty of the USA.  Sheriff Joe should not be investigated, he should be given a medal.

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