A Reading from the Book of Saul

by Mike on March 16, 2009

in Politics

The conservative blogosphere has been making an excellent case that the Obama White House’s political strategy is being lifted straight from Saul Alinsky’s radical handbook, “Rules for Radicals.” We saw this most recently when the government targeted the conservative opposition’s most influential and effective private citizen. Now we are seeing it in the way Obama plans to take “credit” for the “success” of his stimulus package.

Alinsky’s Rule 13 instructs his little radicals to “create successes that cannot be measured or disproved.” Not that conservatives need an Alinsky handbook to know what Obama is up to. Most people immediately saw right through Obama when he claimed his stimulus would save four million jobs, The more we see of Obama’s political operation however, the clearer it becomes that our new President is by the book when it comes to following his radical mentors.

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