Conferencing with Senators Thune and Ensign

by Ryan on March 16, 2009

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Axis of Right got a rare and exciting opportunity today to be involved in a 30-minute conference call with Senators John Thune (R-SD) and John Ensign (R-NV) on the topic of the President’s obscene and ridiculous budget.  As the only one not working during the scheduled conference call, it was up to me to represent the interests of AOR to the masses! 

So, at 4:25pm I tried to navigate my way through the government phone system.  I made it relatively unscathed and suddenly I was on the phone with these two guys, Dave and Noel.  Then more and more people showed up:  Jennifer, Kyle, Joe, Matt, Alex, Cathy, John, Katie, from places like News Busters, Red State, The Next Right, Pajama’s Media, etc. (check the blogroll)  It was really really cool to finally put voices to people I’ve read for a long time! 

At about 4:30ish Senator Thune entered the conversation and brought with him a surprise:  Senator Ensign!  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I had questions at the ready regarding tax-simplification, Social Security reform, and card-check.  However, it took only about two minutes before Ben Franklin’s immortal words were ringing in my ear: “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”  I was in the room with consummate professionals prepared to engage our leaders head on.  It was a bit intimidating, but I really wanted to ask my questions anyway. 

However, I try not to be socially awkward around new people, so as the conversation flowed we just weren’t moving in my direction, rather:  Noel from NewsBusters commented about the dangerous nature of Obama’s overly optimistic budget projections;  Jennifer from Pajamas Media delved into the reconciliation issue in the Senate;  Matt from The Next Right brought up the potential damage of cap-and-trade’s shadow tax;  and Skanderbeg from Red State delved into globalization’s potential negative effect as Obama’s corporate taxes push companies to incorporate outside the USA to avoid our high taxes.  Thune and Ensign handled all their points very well in my opinion.  Nothing new or revolutionary in their responses, but it was solid conservatism.

Like I said, it was really cool and I appreciated the rare opportunity.  There are a lot of us Conservatives out there and also some elected officials who represent our philosophy.  Alas, there are but too few at this moment in Washington, but with people like Thune and Ensign listening to the grassroots, it’s good to know that our point of view on economic issues is being heard in these frustrating times in the minority.

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