Obama’s Socialiation of America By Any Means Necessary

by Sal on March 17, 2009

in Economy,Politics

As Obama’s poll ratings climb back to earth, there is a concern among liberals that Obama is not up to the job.  Yet, incompetent as he may be, Obama has the capacity to fundamentally alter the economic and political landscape of this country.  Obama’s seeming incompetence may be related to the fact that he is singularly focused on using the economic crisis to introduce a radical liberal agenda, using whatever means necessary to achieve this end.  There is now speculation that Obama and the Democrats will attempt to use the budget reconcilliation process to force through radical changes such as cap-an-trade, card check, and universal health care.

The budget reconciliation process is a procedure in the Sentate that allows the budget, after a  passage of a rough budget outline, to be modified and “reconciled” by simple majority vote.  The reconciliation process was introduced in the 1970s as a means of ensuring that the budget could be balanced (yeah, right) without the threat of a filibuster. It was used, rightly so, to pass the tax cuts of Reagan and Bush, as well as the tax increases of Clinton.

With their large majorities, it would be likely that the Democrats would be able to sustain a 50 vote majority (Vice-President Biden would break any ties).  Yet the Democrats’ wish to use the reconciliation process for new programs and major reforms will spark a parliamentary war with the GOP and end what little pretense still remains of bi-partisanship in the Obama Administration.  There is a possibility that several long-standing Democrat Senators who are true believers in the institution of the Senate and its rules (Byrd and Conrad come to mind) may prevent this from taking place.

Obama’s behavior indicates that he will use every tactic necessary to move through his agenda, bi-partisanship be damned.  While I completely disagree with his policies and the idea for using the budget reconciliation process to create massive new entitlements and major new policy initiatives, there is something to be learned here.  Republicans are far more timid in their pursuit of an agenda.  While both Reagan and Gingrich presented and pushed through bold, sweeping Conservative change, Republicans since Gingrich have been rather timid when faced with minority opposition.  The GOP should learn that bi-partisanship is a fool’s errand, and remember the behavior of the Democrats when they inevitably regain power.  In the meantime, they need to go kicking and screaming to make sure that Obama and the Democrats do not push through this radical liberal agenda that will transform America into a Socialist state.

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Mike March 30, 2009 at 1:41 pm

I’m not inclined to encourage people like you by responding to their rants, but this time, I can’t resist. The last time that the Republicans controlled the congress, they used reconcilliation to ram their budget through, but now that the American people have rejected their politics, they stoop to puling about having to endure the same tactics that they used when in power.

The American electorate rejected everything you said above. And the notion that Obama is incompetent is laughable when it is coming from an apparent Bush supporter. The quality of his leadership is what left us with the problems we have today. I understand the tendency of people to lie to themselves out of self-interest, but you guys should know that no one is going to accept those self-serving lies. No one likes a liar except a liar. The same goes for hypocrites.

By the way, the email address I gave is one that I don’t use anymore. I have no desire to engage in an exchange of ideas with you. You obviously have nothing to offer.


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