Rest in Peace Ron Silver

by Ryan on March 18, 2009

in Media,Politics,War on Terror

Ron Silver and Dennis Miller are two Hollywood figures that just seemed to get it after 9/11.  While Dennis Miller still graces the airwaves today with his quirky uber-lexiconic spurts, actor Ron Silver died Sunday at the age of 62, as Annie C says in her column this week, “an intellectual trapped in an actor’s body.”  Here’s a Cavuto tribute on Silver’s passing:

One point that Silver made which left an impression with me was a story he recalled from the 1993 Clinton Inaugural period.  He was standing with this Lefty friends at a moment when the Air Force had a quick fly-by.  His Lefty friend remarked, “Those are our planes now,” which didn’t sit well with Silver, nearly a eight years before 9/11.  Didn’t they always belong to all of us, the American people?  That friend’s remark demonstrated the Liberal worldview to a tee — it’s all about power to them, America’s only worth defending when the Lefties are in charge, and our military is also a political tool.  Ever since 9/11, this perspective has unfortunately shown through, and to hear it refuted from a former Lib, gave Silver some serious street cred in my opinion.  He’ll be missed as a person, an actor, and as a fierce defender of American freedom on the airwaves.

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