The Cries over Sarah Palin’s Inexperience Seem a Little Silly Now

by Sal on March 18, 2009

in Election 2008,Politics

Noemie Emery has an absolutely brilliant column in today’s DC Examiner, reminding all of the Obamacons with Palin Derangement Syndrome of their words before the election regarding Palin’s experience.  It is a wonderfully sarcastic article which gets right to the point:

Now that the Obama presidency is nearing the 60-day mark, it’s time to thank those fastidious scribes on the left and the right who worked so hard to warn us against Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, and the dire things that would surely occur if she ever got close to executive power.

How right they were to insist that she was unfit for high office. Let’s just imagine what she might have done:
As president, she might have caused the stock market to plunge over 2,000 points in the six weeks after she assumed office, left important posts in the Treasury unfilled for two months, been described by insiders as ‘overwhelmed’ by the office, and then gone on to diss the British Prime Minister on his first state visit, giving him, as one head of state to another, a set of DVDs plucked from the aisles of Wal Mart, a tasteful gift, even if they can’t be played on a TV in Britain. (Note, the Prime Minister, who is losing his eyesight, may even be blind in one eye).

Emery goes on to compare Palin’s actual real-life executive experience as Governor in contrast to Obama’s total lack of any experience running anything other than a campaign prior to January 21, 2009, and reminding everyone that Palin was only running for vice-president.  Palin has shown an uncanny ability to learn and adapt in her 2+ years as Governor of Alaska, and has shown far more adeptness at making decisions.  Obama, in the meantime, has the look of a rank amateur who botches up situation after situation.  McCain would not have been a great President, but I am 100% confident that he would have been better than this train wreck.  But, as Emery concludes, we should be grateful:

But at least, we now have sophisticates running the country, not a moose-hunting ditz from Alaska. God knows what might happen then.

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