Operation Iraqi Freedom — Plus Six

by Ryan on March 20, 2009

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Six years ago, a few hours before dawn on March 20, 2003, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” officially began.  It was still March 19th here in the States, so that’s why the anniversary was noted in yesterday’s media coverage.  It took 21 days to affect regime change, and it’s taken six years to secure that nation to the point where we can eventually leave in victory thanks to the troops under the leadership of both Petraeus and Odierno.

It’s an important date because some endlessly argue about it — incessantly debating whether or not we should have been in Iraq.  Well, as legitimate as that argument might be to some, it’s been a moot point for precisely six years.  Once we went in, it was always about winning and coming home to me, especially from March 2005 to May 2006 when my brother served in Iraq.  “Why” was irrelevant at that point and only contributed to an already stressful situation.  Let’s complain about why we get into the next conflict, rather than replay a six-year-old argument we cannot change.

However, it’s most important to take account of the sacrifices of our soldiers, and their families and friends who suffer as well, just in a different way.  Remember the roughly 4,260 fallen and 31,102 combat wounded (some of the latter have returned to service) who’ve paid a price few can contemplate.  Their sacrifices have yielded results that we see as Iraq improves everyday.  We can’t thank them enough for what our troops do and have done for our nation and people.

Here is a great special ops video of a wild mission in the ol’ “two-way firing range:”

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