The Full Extent of the British Snub

by Sal on March 20, 2009

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The full extent of the Obama Administration snub of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has fully come to light with an article in today’s U.K. Telegraph.  While much criticism had been heaped upon Obama administration surrounding his seemingly thoughtless gift of 25 DVDs of American Movie Classics, it is reported that Brown was genuinely moved by the gift, and was looking forward to watching them — that is, until he put them into his DVD player.  It turns out, the DVDs given were Region 1 DVDs, which means they could only be played by DVD players manufactured and sold in the United States. Says the Telegraph:

While not exactly a film buff, Gordon Brown was touched when Barack Obama gave him a set of 25 classic American movies – including Psycho, starring Anthony Perkins on his recent visit to Washington.  Alas, when the PM settled down to begin watching them the other night, he found there was a problem.  The films only worked in DVD players made in North America and the words “wrong region” came up on his screen. Although he mournfully had to put the popcorn away, he is unlikely to jeopardise the special relationship – or “special partnership”, as we are now supposed to call it – by registering a complaint.

Are the people in the Obama Administration really just that clueless, or do they really have a disdain for the British “Special Relationship?”  In any case, this was a complete collapse of the decorum appropriate for a visiting head of government, and illustrates the mindset of our commander-in-chief.

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rightonoz March 22, 2009 at 10:49 pm

Ah – had forgotten you guys still labour under that stupid region system.

Our Competition Commission declared the region coding to be anti competitive and missused to allow price rigging etc etc , so our DVD payers will play any DVD, regardless of region.

I’ll quite happily take the full pack of DVD’s off Gordy’s hands.

The stuff up will have been on the part of a no doubt minor full time staffer, not some political appointee, but someone should have thought of that, however aand don’t take this the wrong way, as a frequent visitor to the US on business and private, I have found that all too often the majority of people had no or very little concept of a world outside of the US.

Such as the day in Boston when the Girl at Avis flatly refused to give me my rental car because my licence was expired. No amount of arguing would convince her that the rest of the world used the dd/mm/yyyy instead of the US method. Eventually after getting her supervisor involved I managed to convince them that my birth date of 27/xx/xxx as shown on my licence either proved I was right or that somehow there were 27 months to the year. She didn’t want to give in but her supervisor finally agreed and I was on my way 40 minutes late for an appointment up state.


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