Job Fairs at Strip Clubs — Gotta Love Obamanomics!

by Ryan on March 23, 2009

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Everybody in the Rhode Island area has either heard of or been a client of the Foxy Lady — a place of ilrepute in the midst of a town called Providence, known for all sorts of things including a “Legs and Eggs” special, while being as classy as Southern New England can do a public strip club.  Keep in mind that aside from Nevada, Rhode Island’s the only other state where prostitution is legal, as long as the “act” takes place “indoors” at private residence.

Well, the economy is doing so poorly in Rhode Island (10.3% unemployment at the latest glance) and the Foxy Lady is doing so well that the Foxy Lady held a public job fair in which about 200 people showed up

Don’t you love Obamanomics — we’ll soak the rich, squeeze the middle class, and bankrupt our children’s future for short-term political gain, but there are opportunities for you if you want to contribute to the seamy underworld of strip clubs!  Lines out the door in fact!  There’s no American state closer to a grim socialist utopia than Rhode Island (the largest employer in the State of Rhode Island is… correct! the State of Rhode Island).  No one has any money or a job, but the strip clubs are doing so well they need to have a job fair to staff their growing bottom line. 


Oh wait, we haven’t negotiated the price yet.

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rightonoz March 23, 2009 at 10:07 pm

In our fair country Prostitution is legal as long as the brothel is not within 500M of a school (fair call, don’t want to corrupt the kids) or church (hmmm concerned the money might get donated at the brothel instead of the collection plate??)

As always in a down economy normal business is suffering, but brothels, strip clubs, pubs and gambling are experiencing a boom…. go figure, and Kevin Crudd is giving every loser a $900 stimulus handout (and another $900 if you have any kids) to blow in the above.

There’s a brothel for sale in the next city, $1.5M 45% annual return…. in the weekend paper under businesses for sale. Must rush out and buy it before the hand out cheques arrive….55-60% return soon.

Somehow think Mrs Oz might not quite approve of that… especially the recruitment interviews…….


Jimmy Stonewall April 8, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Can you explain how Barack Obama has anything to do with the success of Foxy Lady? This financial crisis started before Obama was even elected, and he has even less to do with what is happening in a Providence strip club.

For what it’s worth, Foxy Lady is one of the best strip clubs in America. God bless capitalism. They deserve every dime they make.


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