Napolitano: Our “Man-Caused Disaster”

by Ryan on March 26, 2009

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refuses to use the word terrorism in her recent speeches, inferring terrorist attacks are merely ”man-caused disasters.”  As Obama’s administration has put more effort declaring war on semantics rather than continuing to kill and detain terrorists, we’re moving beyond a pre-9/11 mindset in my opinion, we’re just being ridiculous, asking for something to happen.

Regardless, I’m sooooo glad that the War on Terror (I mean the “Overseas Contingency Operation“) is over!  And all we had to do was pretend it wasn’t there! 

We’re so screwed… but so is Obama, Napolitano and everyone else involved in this PC policy suicidal nonsense if  (God forbid) something actually does happen here on his tenure.

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rightonoz March 26, 2009 at 7:40 pm

Hi Ryan,

I think you’re being perhaps a little harsh.

While I hate the use of ‘PC’ words instead of the real thing ( it’s a F…ing Spade, not a ‘digging impliment’, as we say in Oz), I am pleasantly surpised that Obama is increasing the drone attacks in Pakistan and increasing the troop commitment in Afghanistan, the major terror base.
OK, so there’s a lot of other things he seems to be stuffing up, but I do not believe he is increasing the risk, in fact, the opposite, seems to be perhaps better focussed that GWB on where the war needs to be fought. The word is he is actively considering attacks within other area’s of Pakistan to take out Sheik Omah and others.

Of course, I could be talking through a hole in my head…

BTW, did you see Obama and Kevin Crudd sucking up to each other…. Put me off my dinner!


Ryan March 26, 2009 at 8:54 pm

I felt the Cruddy-Obama love-fest was nauseating too!

But I find that the homefront is where I’m most concerned. I don’t know how it plays overseas, but in the States it really feels pre-9/11 when it seems the bad guys were at war with us, but we couldn’t be bothered. Add that attitude to the long-term cuts in defense which are critically important to Obama’s bloated budget which seems to rely too much on the rosiest view of the security situation imaginable. Then add all the PC nonsense this week and it’s a bit unsettling!


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