Orrin Hatch Targets BCS

by Mike on March 26, 2009

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College football’s method of determining a national champion has been the subject of debate for decades.  One side argues that the current system represents a tradition that should be preserved and guarantees one of the most meaningful regular seasons in all of sports.  Others argue that the current system is too subjective and excludes too many teams.  Despite the debate, Representative Joe Barton and Senator Orrin Hatch are planning to pass legislation to force college football to change its system.

Most people would argue that Hatch’s proposal is a waste of the Senate’s time.  True, but meddling in the internal affairs of college football is no more out of bounds than just about everything else politicians do.  Sticking their noses into things that are none of their business is becoming all too common to our political leaders.  Some leaders think we’re too stupid to choose what we eat.  Others think we’re too stupid to drink in moderation.  Some even think we’re too stupid to choose which charities we support.  It should come as no surprise that certain politicians (Republicans in this case, which is even more outrageous) think college football is too stupid to run its own operations.

The bottom line is that college football will change or preserve its system based on what the market demands.  If the current system is too objectionable to college football’s fan base, that fan base would stop supporting college football, revenues would fall, and the system would be replaced.  If the current system is acceptable, the fan base will remain as loyal as they are today and the system will probably be preserved.  Either way, that decision belongs to college football and its consumers, not to Orrin Hatch or any other politician.

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