Top 10 List of Annoying Millennial Habits

by Ryan on March 27, 2009

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Quin Hillyer from American Spectatorhas been spot on lately.  Here’s his latest piece ripping on the bad habits of Millennials and late X-ers (or as he calls them, the “under 30” crowd).

I teach Millennials and laughed out loud most of the way down the page!  Millennials, as the “Baby Boom Echo” or ”Echo Boomers,” suffer from some of their progenitor’s bad behaviors:  no idea about how to act in public appropriately, not really interested in the past if it doesn’t serve them, and believing that mere assertions are facts.  Add to that the idea of judging someone based on their technological prowess and connectivity, and Hillyer really nails them!

For the record I put the dividing line between Millennials and Xers at 1981-1982; also I believe Millennials are too young to remember the Challenger explosion, but old enough to remember 9/11.  If you want to learn more about generations, Lifecourse Associates have done exhaustive research on generations throughout American history – some you may never have heard of from the 1800s!  Among other things, they define generations as having a “common age location in history and a collective peer personality.” Check them out.

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